Shri Martand Jyotish Karayala

Shri Martand office is situated at Kurali town of Distt. Mohali in Punjab State. It is 30 KMS from Chandigarh on way to Ropar. By the grace of God the reputation of this office has brought a small town of Kurali on the Astrological map of India.

Shri Martand office was founded by Reverend Pandit Sh. Mukund Vallabh Jyotishachariya 90 years ago. The family of Shri Mukund Vallabh Ji has a history and tradition of 400 years at its back. The whole of the family has the rare distinction of being illustrious and world famous scholars in the field of Astral Science.

Pandit Sh Mukund Vallabh Ji was a pioneer in making the Panchang. He was also one of the accredited writers of Astronomical & Astrological books for which he was respected all over India. Needless to say that he being a Raj Jyotishi to Solan State; he was also solicited and consulted by the Royal families like Patiala, Bilashpur, Arki and Sindhia etc.

At present his son Sh. InduShekhar Ji is a patron in chief and head of this office. He is a world famous Astrologer known for his prophecy like predictions. He is editor of Sh. Martand Panchang along with his illustrious brothers Sh. Priyavrat Sharma and Dr. Shaktidhar Sharma.

Sh. Sanyami Shamra S/o Sh. InduShekhar Sharma is running this office as an Administrator. Shri Sanyami Ji, is known for his Predictive acumen amongst the people even in the foreign countries like America, Canada, England and Australia. He has been invited many a times in the foreign lands on account of his knowledge and specialization in the Predictive science.

Shri InduShekhar Ji and Shri Sanyami Sharma are quite popular in India and Abroad on account of their wisdom, knowledge and experience. It is due to their acumen and credibility with regard to their predictions that thousands of people visit Sh. Martand office Kurali daily with their queries and get their personal problems solved.