Astrology - A Treatise Of The Future

Curiosity is born out of Mystery. Ever since its birth mankind is in constant endeavour to unravel the various mysteries of the Universe. The mysterious phenomena behind Planets, Stars, Earth, Oceans and Human life have always enamored scientists as well as human beings. They have always been curious to know and satisfy themselves about various questions with regard to nature and human existence. However, individually man’s own future always remained a deep mystery. From times immemorial man has had the utmost curiosity about his future and has searched for answers about the same. This is because of the fact that the complete knowledge of coming events provides him with an inner strength and an equal opportunity to get essential information prior to the favourable or unfavourable circumstances yet to arise. In this way one gets alert and looks for ways to counter them with the required remedial measures.

The foundation of Astro-Science gets its roots from the inability of human beings to resist their curiosity to know their enigmatic future. Every human being, in a way, has strong vibes of imagination, at all times, about his good and bad times and thus hopes or fears accordingly. This futuristic human curiosity gives birth to his urge to look for certain security. In turn it opens up various vistas and disciplines of knowledge to know the future. It took thousands of years of serious meditation, effort, and study by scholars that the precise knowledge about the future on the basis of scientific logic became available to mankind. This further gave birth to the various schools of thought and voluminous literature by many a genius of Astro-Science and Predictive Astrology.

Sociologists are of the view that personality is a formulation of a person’s Heredity, Environment and Effort. However, apart from these three factors, personality is highly influenced and developed by other factors also. For example, the children of a rich and educated family may be inept and uneducated, notwithstanding the effort of the family to give them the best upbringing. Many children belonging to same parents do not show similarity in their personality, despite living in the same environment with similar facilities. Their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is never alike. Out of them, some might be brilliant while others are normal or simply unwise. Their nature varies a lot, too. Such instances are present almost everywhere. Even to date, psychologists have not been able to find solutions to questions concerning Heredity, Environment and Effort related principles. Its explanation revolves around the configuration of Planets. The principles of Predictive Astrology emphasize that, like Heredity, the planetary position at the time of birth of a child also determines the intellect and behavior of an infant. If this configuration of planets is favourable then the impact of unfavourable circumstances on the personality will get diminuted. Hence, according to Predictive Astrology, the personality of an individual is the consequence of Heredity, Environment and Effort.

Logistics of Astrology

Due to failure in obtaining the desired results as well as falsity in predictions made by the Astrologer, some critics term Astrology as a ‘Pseudo-Science’. However, if they take reasoning and logic into consideration they would never challenge the credibility of this unique subject. According to this science duly examined and tested over millennia, the scientific basis of this subject has been proven beyond doubt. Even today, not only in India but in the whole world, Astrologers are known for their marvelous predictions. It may be mentioned here that if at all the predictions have been found to be incorrect then the calculations and interpretations by the Astrologers are to be blamed and not the Scriptures. For example, the calculations and observations of well established sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Meteorology and Geology have often gone wrong. But it is universally accepted fact that it is always due to the wrong interpretations and not of incorrect principles of a particular science.

Let us examine what the reasons behind an Astrologer’s wrong predictions are? If our work does not get accomplished despite putting in effort, then it is important to recognize where we were lacking in our efforts so that the mistakes can be corrected. Hence by improving upon the reasons, well examined predictions hardly fail. It has been mentioned in the Scriptures that planetary formulations are fruitful as specified. The experience of Sages and Astrologers bear strong testimony to it.

No science can clearly answer the origin of its principles which does not mean that it is unscientific. Even in today’s highly developed branches of science, such as physics, chemistry and zoology etc, several theories are still the victims of void. These theories mainly rely upon assumptions through which the results obtained certify their scientific basis. This is also the case in Astrology. Although Astrologers are unable to answer the origin of its planetary formulations the results obtained by them support their scientific basis nonetheless. Theories of Astrology, due to their intensity, have still not been within reach of the human intelligence. However it appears that the development of knowledge in metaphysics; particularly the ultimate research in Astro-Physics will open up the nodules of Astrology, through which this science will soon be able to clarify the origin of its theories.

­­­­­­We draw upon the attention of readers towards some arguments and incidents that clearly indicate the basis of this Science.

Stars and Planets in the Universe are all made up of cosmic materials. Likewise the same cosmic energy is present in the human body. Therefore it is certain that we are all affected by the movement of stars and planets. The moon is the main cause for the occurrence of tides in the seas and oceans because of its gravitational pull. Similarly the Human body is 70% water. Therefore, it is not wrong to believe that the moon affects human beings. It is a common perception among Economists that the dark spots in the Sun are the main cause of rise and downfall in world economy.

The Sun is the only known cause for the occurrence of seasons too. If we look at it minutely, then the season generated by the position of Sun, at a specific point of the circular orbit is not the same every year. It is on account of this fact that Himachal Pradesh is not blessed with the same amount of snowfall every year. Such fluctuations in the occurrence of natural events is mainly an outcome of Celestial bodies, therefore nobody can term this belief as illogical.

The basic principle of Astrology says that our life cycle goes on according to the will of the Almighty. Thus even earth cannot escape certain sets of rules of nature. It is affected by the impact of stars and planets in the sky. Hence to express one’s disapproval towards this theory is surely an act of perversity. Astrologers are always in a quest of the answers hidden in these theories. If they are not able to understand those theories it does not mean that their efforts are not worthwhile. The continuity of research based upon Reasoning and Logic is all that matters.


Fatalism also relies upon reasoning and logic. It attributes every act of ours in our current life, as well as our deeds in the previous life. Just like Science has no answers for many of its actions, Futuristic science doesn’t encompass the whole of the past life. Just like the journey of Science continuous in quest of the unknown, fatalism as a branch of Astrology is always on a journey in search of unknown causes. Fatalism as a branch of Astrology continues to unearth mysteries relating to the previous life. If Science is not ignored simply on the fact that there are still numerous untouched areas of research, then why do we on the same basis discard the Future Science i.e. Astrology? Some Indian Saints, Astrologers and Scholars have laid down certain instructions regarding the impact of the status of planets at the time of birth on human life, the truthfulness of which can be verified from their experiences.

Reasons for Failure of Predictions

Inaccurate Time of Birth – The correctness of time of birth from the first breath lays the foundation of Astrology. If the time of birth is not correctly recorded; there is a likelihood that most of the predictions may vary in context of time. But on the other hand the critic may find an opportunity to tarnish the image of the Astrologer as well as that of Astrology. Hence, it is essential to keep a correct record of birth of the newborn to prepare an accurate Horoscope. It can be done by the parents, Doctors and relatives attending the mother. Many a times, it has been seen that horoscopes are created on the basis of impending birth period and that gives a heavy blow to the reputation of this science. More accurate is the birth period and there are better chances of correctness of the predictions.

       Incorrect calculation – If the calculation is incorrect, despite the birth period being accurate, the results obtained will be misleading nonetheless. In India, several such people are present who, due to their lack of knowledge in Astrology, are unable to make correct calculations in making horoscopes. Apart from that, another huge flaw among these people is that they hardly know anything about the concept of time difference.

Generally, people are seen to insist upon an Astrologer to read their future letter by letter out of their horoscopes. In fact, most Astrologers are found to openly reveal the intense future of a person in a flash by just simply looking at the planetary configurations mentioned in the twelve houses of the natal chart. Planetary configurations along with the Lineage, Environment and Efforts together constitute the decisive elements of Astrology.


A newly born is affected by the merits and demerits, wealth and poverty, features and colours etc of his parents. Several planetary configurations show the effects of Heredity. An Astrologer must keep this fact in mind otherwise there would be a lot of errors in predictions due to which people, unaware in Astrology, will view it with a lot of falsity. It is clear that a similar situation of fortune between an Emperor’s son and a child born into an ordinary family may not yield the same results. Both the children may have the benefit of their fate according to their respective lineages.


An Astrologer can tell that a child will become great. However, he cannot tell specifically whether the child will be a Prime Minister, President, or a Judge. It is deeply essential for an Astrologer to be aware about the environment of a person to make the predictions meticulously. To know about the outcomes minutely, it is required to clearly open up one’s domestic circumstances before the Astrologer. If we try to hide them, he would not be able to look into the future with clarity. The Astrologer would definitely be able to provide prior information about any good or bad event; however, his predictions might not be very precise due to lack of knowledge of a person’s variable environment in the distant future. Apart from the person, time period, country and society etc also have a role to play in building the fortune for them.

Nation’s circumstances have a considerable impact on a person’s education and financial position. A person’s financial position and education hailing from an extremely underdeveloped country cannot be similar to the one in USA; even if, both of them have near similar planetary positions with regard to acquisition of education and wealth. In a similar manner, the impact of time can rapidly take the Astrological results from low to high and vice versa. Some of the diseases that were incurable ten centuries ago have become curable in today’s developing scientific world. The purpose of saying so is that the Astrologer must keep in mind the modern research as well as ancient system of Divine Healing before terming any disease of the person as incurable.


Astrology never offers fortune without effort but rather emphasizes upon the importance of human will and effort. An astrologer will never say to a person that he will be able to reach the pinnacle without any hard work. If one believes that one can enjoy fortune being totally idle, it is a blunder. In Astrology the perspective fate is the outcome of collective impact of heredity, environment & effort.

Mundane Astrology

All human beings who become a victim of collective destiny like wars, epidemics, earthquakes and even big accidents, may have their individual destiny but the principles of Astrology in such situations cannot be falsified. Mundane Astrology is a branch of astro science that envisages such situations and events, which are more impetuous than one’s planetary position.

Effect of Worship

Although Predictive Astrology is in itself a complete science, it does not depend upon worship only. It is a matter of everyday experience that an Astrologer’s internal ability to draw out correct results has an element of divine strength. The intuitive power of an astrologer is a divine blessing on account of which his predictions about the mysteries prove correct and are often solved. Hence, an astrologer who has been endowed with a refined and sanctified mind by worshipping the Lord gets the ability to look even through the thick and opaque cover of eventualities concerning Nation or Time with immense clarity. That is the reason why an Astrologer’s speech never contains words of ignorance. Therefore, in the scriptures, predictive science along with worship has been termed as SONE PE SUHAGA i.e. ICING ON THE CAKE.

The situation of those affected by planetary formulations such as the entire country, society or a person is seen similar to that of a dust particle which loses it’s entity in the wake of wind. This has been clearly written by Medieval Poet Harsh in Naishadh-Charita. It is certain that the Unseen, Unknown, Supernatural representative of celestial power run by invisible signals from infinite planets, i.e. the Universe, witnesses several catastrophic events such as earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions as well as widespread loss of life and property.

Why do these incidents occur and which invisible power is behind them that affects stars and planets? It is clear that the credit for unearthing this enigma goes to the great Indian Astronomer BhaskarAcharya who talked about the Laws of Gravitation hundreds of years before Sir Issac Newton.

        Therefore, the invisible power of the creator of the world affects and operates the Universe. In fact the truth is that due to their mutual attraction and repulsion, numerous celestial bodies through their carved paths affect not only the Earth but the entire Universe. The above phenomenon also creates an impact on the changes taking place within the Earth every moment that has been ultimately confirming the existence of this Science from the times immemorial. The Geologists, Botanists, Zoologist, Astronomers as well as scientists cannot ignore this phenomenon law of attraction & repulsion.

Therefore the invisible power of the creator of the world affects and operates the Universe. Thus we accept the results obtained from the planetary configurations as Almighty’s will.

Astrology has been recognized and honoured ever since the Vedic age. It has also been accepted as an Ancient World Heritage and is credited with the experimental works of the Vedas with regard to time & space ever since the beginning.

        The sad reality is that Astrology is probably the oldest but in the meantime most criticized science. One of the reasons for its criticism is the lack of patronage by the powers that be in the modern world. But at the same time, it is an accepted fact that there has hardly been a moment in the history of Mankind that a discovery was made in the absence of Astrology. That’s why astro science is believed and accepted as an ancient science.

The mention of stars and planets thousands of years ago can be found in the Rigveda. This science, revealed by the Sages & Saints, has witnessed several contemplations, research work as well as promotion through the Teacher-Student tradition. Every time a planet changes its motion & position, the cycle of events concerning the world gets affected. Whatever we experience on the earth is all the outcome of the carved paths of the planets. Based upon these indications, whatever incident that occurs every year across the Globe is brought forward amongst the readers of ‘Shri Martand Panchang’ of ‘Shri Martand Office Kurali’ Distt. Mohali (Punjab -India).

To sum up, even today the predictions made in all the spheres by Acharya Shri Indu Shekhar Sharma, the illustrious son of Pt. Sh. Shri Mukund Vallabh Sharma and his younger son Acharya Shri Sanyami Sharma are proving correct and authentic in the world of Predictive Astrology.

By God’s grace, whatever that has been experienced with regard to Present, Past and Future  has been highlighted and shared with you, whatever that has so far occurred, has also been witnessed by the masses. Therefore you can trust and have faith on the basis of our research, experience, expertise and level of accomplishments in the past.