Business Consultancy

According to Planetary position rise and fall in the trade and commerce activity is given in Shri Martand Panchang under the heading of Vyapar Vimarsha. It is an accepted fact that a man can be richer through business as compare to agriculture or any other profession. Therefore, learned people have also endorsed the view that Godess Laxmi’s abode is in the trade and commerce.

Therefore, Intelligence is needed for the success in business. So, the knowledge with regard to situations in respect of time and space is also necessary. Likewise the knowledge of astrological aspects is also a necessity. Because the way comforts and discomforts, profit and loss are governed by the planetary positions. In the same manner movement of stars effect the economic and business propositions in one’s life.

Shakespeare writes “It is the Stars, The stars above us, govern our conditions”. The same way the stars affect the economic affairs. With the result there is always a situation of rise and fall in the market further affecting the human destiny with regard to his financial position. Any trader certainly depends upon the good and bad affects of rise and fall in the market respectively. The economic conditions can make or mar the one’s destiny in business. Man’s business goes up and down like the tides in the ocean. Meaning thereby that especially the losses are not of permanent nature. The market behaviour undergoes very sudden and strange ups and downs therefore it is always advisable to tally your horoscope with the planetary position in the market. This is certainly a beneficial exercise. Because, as per the advise always avoid trading in the uneconomical areas of business. At the same time one is supposed to take decisions with regard to trade and commerce as advised by the learned Astrologer.

It is for the general knowledge of business community that Acharaya Sanyami Sharama is an expert with a specialization in online trading better known as future trading. Needless to say that with his acumen and experience in the field of MCX i.e. Gold, Silver, Copper Metals etc and NCDX covering Grains and Spices respectively. He is the most sort after online consultant at both National and International level. Shri Sanyami Sharma can be contacted to have the benefit of his expert advice on this subject.