Shri Sanyami Sharma

Administrator Shri Martand Jyotish Karyalaya

Like father like son Shri Sanyami Sharma is the younger son of Sh. Indu Shekhar Ji. Sh. Sanyami Sharma, in line with his illustrious ancestors, is a brilliant Astrologer in his own right. He did his Post Graduation in Sanskrit from Panjab University Chandigarh besides having completed the degree of Jyotish Acharaya and Dharam Shaster Acharaya in the first division from ‘Sampurnanand Sanskrit University’, Varanasi.In the foot steps of his father he developed interest in the Predictive Astrology and further studied Jatak Samhita and many texts under the enlightened guidance of his father, with the result he enabled himself to make very accurate and correct predictions.

As an Astrologer belonging to the younger generation Sh. Sanyami is quite an enlightened soul, who has a milk of human kindness in his heart. He prefers to counter the quackery of the quacks with logical and rational views and suggestions with regard to Predictive Astrology in general and compatibility in marriage chart of a boy and a girl in particular. Whereas the quacks commercialize and exploit the ASHTAKOOT i.e. GUN-MILAAN Methodology, there Sh. Sanyami believes in the fact that the compatibility on the basis of merit amongst the spouses is also to be examined in the light of Planetary Positions in the Natal Charts. Thus, where the illogical Astrologers make simple people unnecessarily apprehensive; Sh. Sanyami clears their doubts with compassion and a sense of belonging.

Shri Sanyami Ji, is known for his Predictive acumen amongst the people even in the foreign countries like America, Canada, England and Australia. He has been invited many a times  to the foreign lands on account of his knowledge and specialization in the Predictive science. He has a specialization in online trading better known as Future Trading. He is the most sought after on line consultant in this regard.

 Sh. Sanyami contributes exclusively in the Martand Panchang through a special chapter entitled ‘Vyapaar Vimarsha’. Which deals with ups and downs of the economy. Under the able guidance of shri Indu Shekhar Ji he is co-author of a special chapter of Marthand Panchang under the title ‘Aakaashya-Council’ which deals with political scenario in India as well as in the foreign countries.

It is a matter of great honour that in the recognition of his knowledge and wisdom in respect of Astrology; he has been singularly nominated as representative Astrologer of India by the Anglo Asian Friendship Society of England i.e. the largest multi-faith registered charity in Britain.