Shri Indu Shekhar Sharma

Patron and Editor of Shri Martand Panchang & Shri Martand Jyotish Karayala

Reverend Pandit Shri Mukund Vallabh’s youngest son shri Indu Shekhar ji by the grace of god started the editorship of shri Martand Panchang in the year 1965 under the benevolent guidance of his elders. Shekhar ji topped the examination of Shastri and then MA in Sanskrit with flying colours in the first Position from Panjab University Chandigarh. Thereafter, he obtained the Augustus degree of Jyotish Acharya with the first class first position from Shri Sampurnanand Sanskrit University Varanasi (UP).

Right from the beginning, he had an intuition and inclination towards Predictive Astrology. Which prompted him throughout along with his father to delve deep into the ‘Jatak Samhita’ and the text of Scholars and Acharyas. By the blessings of Maa Saraswati, his predictions have been proved to be irrevocable. Under the intellectual Umbrella of his father for almost 25 years. He has been attending and solving the complicated day to day problems of the people coming from the State, Country and Abroad. Notwithstanding, the absence of his Late father in person he is still making very accurate analysis of the horoscopes and problems therein along with solid solutions and remedies with the strength of his knowledge and his Father’s Blessings.

In view of his deep study and knowledge of the planetary position in the natal chart of any person; he is most solicited person for knowing and understanding the events of the past-present and future by millions of his admirers. Needless to say, that for day to day problems and difficulties on account of planetary position and transitions, the people from all walks of life from far and wide, throng to him for relief. It is a daily scene of seeing is believing, that his followers and admirers around the globe talk of his predictions and simple remedies thereon with the great sense of reverence and gratitude.

The Calculations and predictions given under the title ‘Aakaashya-Council’ and ‘Vyapaar Vimarsha’ in the Shri Martand Panchang with regard to mundane Astrology (natural calamities) as well as economic rise and fall, political and social upheavals is a proven fact. It is in the recognition of his great talent and intellect that the Jagat Guru Shri Shankracharaya Ji bestowed upon him the title of ‘Jyotirbhushan’.

It is also worth mentioning that on account of his critical and proven predictions; the World Famous Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji nominated him for the coveted award of Raj Jyotishi. But Shri Indu Shekhar ji had to respectfully decline it on account of the fact that he had to work in Holland or USA for at least six month in a year which was quite contrary to his devotion and dedication towards his ancestral creative tradition of Shri Martand Panchang and working of Jyotish Karyalya.

Shri Indu Shekhar Ji is blessed with a divine soul with a great intellect and scholarship in Sanskrit and Predictive Astrology. For some time he taught Sanskrit in Panjab University Chandigarh. He declined the offer to teach at Post Graduate Level because of his love and passion for Predictive science which brought him back to his present work and status.

Shri Indu Shekhar Ji has the transcendental capacity to see through the prismatic galaxy of Triskandha Jyotish. During his experiences with regard to cosmic science, he has been able to present a new thesis and dimensions to his followers. His observations have changed the traditional thinking to establish totally a revolutionary school of thought in the Astrological world. Through this school of thought, he has been able to help his beneficiaries by ameliorating their spirits to regain the lost paradise i.e. Peace of Mind.

In turn, Maa Bhagwati has blessed him not only at spiritual level but also at temporal level. He has the best of the family life for which a worldly being can aspire for. His elder son Dr. Ashutosh Sharma MD is presently working as Assistant Professor at Agroha Medical College Agroha, Hissar, and commands a very good respect in his field.