Miracle Of Yantras, Mantras & Tantras

One of the permanent Chapters of Shri Martand Panchang i.e. the ‘The Miracles of Yantras- Mantras and Tantras has proved to be extremely beneficial and popular. At the instance of Tantriks, Scholars, Soothsayers and Devotees this chapter is being published for the last forty five years in the Panchang.

Shri Indushekhar Sharma is the author of this chapter. All the inaccessible Tantras- Mantras- Yantras are specially derived from Ancient hand written Manuscripts. The writer of this chapter is of the opinion that with the help of Tantras- Mantras- Yantras, the people can be helped a lot, provided the Astrologer has an intuitive power.

Mantra is such a collection of forceful words, through which we can achieve best of the results. For that deep knowledge, will power and right pronunciation is a must. The Mantra is consisted of selective secret words. These words are given a particular sequence and when they are spelled silently or otherwise, they generate a strange vibration in the cosmos that has immense power to help us accomplish a great deal.

According to the history of Mantras, Lord Brahma (The creator of the universe) bestowed grace and power upon the Vedic Mantras with power. Lord Shiva gave the power to Tantric processes. In the same way, Shri Shabarnath, the incarnation of Lord Shiva gave amazing powers to Shabar Mantras. A Shabar Mantra is a collection of unmatched words which appear to be meaningless. However, by the grace of Lord Shiva, these Mantras have an incredible impact. Hence, chant these Shabar Mantras without making any changes.

NOTE: Chant these mantras under the Care & Supervision of your Guru in privacy. Otherwise, its impact will go in vain. Some valuable information is being given here as under in respect of various Yantras.

1. Surya Yantra-The Surya is the God of health. Chanting of ‘Surya Beej Mantra’ and other mantras mentioned in the Vedas are helpful in curbing the Sun related negative effects. To nullify the ill effect of the sun, Surya Yantra proves miracle.

2. Chandra Yantra- Chandra Yantra is to curb the Moon’s malefic effects. It is most useful and beneficial. It reduces and nullifies the evil effects of the Moon. It helps in building the confidence and mental peace.

3. Mangal Yantra- Mangal Yantra is especially useful in getting relief from planet Mar’s bad effects like loss of property and indebtedness. It helps to improve marital affairs.

4. Budha Yantra- The Budha Yantra is worn for stabilising the impact of planet Mercury (Budha). It is also helpful in building power of speech, progress in business as well as to gain health, education and money.

5. Guru Yantra- Guru Yantra helps in stabilising the impact of the planet Jupiter (Guru) and is beneficial in the areas of financial stability and intellectual growth. It is very useful for students.

6. Shukra Yantra- Shukra Yantra is extremely useful in minimizing the ill- effects of planet Venus (Shukra). It gives mental peace and wordly comforts. It helps in commanding the good reputation and reducing the chances of sexual deformities.

7. Shani Yantra- Shani Yantra is helpful in stabilising the bad effects emanating from the planet Saturn (Shani). It helps in obtaining profit in steel related industry. It is useful in almost all sort of worldly problems and is auspicious in the litigation matters. This Yantra is most effective in the main period of the Saturn and especially in the period of Saadhesati and Dhaiya.

8. Rahu/Ketu Yantra- Rahu Ketu Yantra’s are known to get relief from the malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu (Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denotes the two points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move in the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes. It is useful in nullifying the fear of enmity and helps in attaining success in politics and administration. It also provides relief from air borne diseases and abdominal disorders.

9. Panchdashi Yantra- The Goddess Durga an embodiment of Shakti & creative feminine force is believed to bless this Yantra. It can be worn for any kind of virtuous accomplishments. It is also beneficial in acquiring education and in attaining success in the litigation with the help of this Yantra one is always blessed by the Goddess Durga and all the calamities are nullified.

10. Chauntisa Yantra- This Yantra is also the favourite Yantra of the Goddess Durga. It is auspicious for the success in all walks of life. It minimizes the negative thoughts & fears. It is beneficial in the sphere of education, attainment of victory and progress in state affairs.

11. Beesa Yantra- This Yantra is also the favourite of Goddess Durga. It is perfect for victory in state affairs and progress in business.

12. Santaan Gopal Yantra- Santaan Gopal Yantra is mainly worn by women. Those women who find difficulties in conceiving or suffer from miscarriages should opt for this Yantra. It also blesses the child with handsomeness and longevity.

13. Shri Mahalakshmi Yantra- Shri Mahalakshmi Yantra bestows growth in business and finances.It brings happiness, prosperity and provides relief from indebtedness. It should be kept in a worship place, money or jewellery box.

14. Athrahanaashak Yantra- Athrahanaashak Yantra is useful for those women who are unable to carry on with pregnancy unto the natural period of nine months and suffer miscarriages.

Besides these Yantras some other miraculous Yantras are prepared as per necessity. For example Yantra to control diseases, to ward off evil spirits, to counter ill effects of hypnotism and for growth in business etc. These Yantra’s are prepared on demand.

Similarly, chanting of Mantra bring success in day to day worldly affairs. For example- one should chant Lakshmi mantra as well as Shri Sookta Paath to gain wealth and to get relief from indebtness. Likewise one should chant Shri Ganesh Stotra to be blessed blessed with a child. Similarly one can also chant Shri Santaan Gopaal Mantra. In the same way in all types of crisis, it is advisable to chant Shri Batuk Bhairav and Shri Aparajita Stotra.

Note: Mantra recitation should be very accurate and systematically, otherwise it may prove reverse. Chant these mantras under the Care & Supervision of expert otherwise they may prove reverse. So, for this our office has special scholars, Vedacharyas, Dharamshastracharyas to conduct the rituals (Chanting of Mantras) in special supervision.