Family Tradition & History

Reverend Shri Mukund Vallabh Mishra as the founder of Shri Martand Panchang is one such name that does not need introduction in the Indian Astrological arena. His imprint and control over the subject in the field of Astronomy & Astrology in India during the 20th Century has been so remarkable that his name became synonymous with the Astro-Science. Many a people may not be knowing that the history of Kurali town goes back to the Ramayana & the Mahabharata times. But since 1930, the name of Kurali has been known and widely acclaimed all over the country as the Kurali of Pandit Mukund Vallabh of Martand Panchang. Their family’s history and tradition goes back to 400 years. The family has been blessed one since many generations for its knowledge and expertise in the Astrological Science.

Pandit Mukund Vallabh ji, initiated shri Martand Panchang in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi, besides mini Panchang named Batuk Panchangam. These Panchangs are also known as “kurali vale Panchang”. It is the most recognized and largest publication in India by now. Pandit Ji will ever be respectfully remembered for bringing a name of small town kurali on the Astrological map of India. Even today kurali is also known as “Jyotishi ki Kurali”.

Pandit Shri Mukund Vallabh was a brilliant descendant of Bhardwaj Family. He was born to Shri Ram Chandra Ji and Mata Smt. Shiv Devi Ji. The first name of Shri Mukund Vallabh was Kundan Lal. As it was an irony of fate that his parents died when he along with his younger brother Shri Veer Bhanu ji were in their childhood. The void of irreparable loss of love & affection was covered by his grand father Shri Nanak Chand Ji who himself was a great Scholar of Astro-Science.

As it was customary in those times Shri Mukund Vallabh was married in his early years. His inborn Sanskars and strong urge to acquire knowledge further got impetus by his wife Smt. Purna Devi. It was due to devotion and dedication of his wife for him that he could afford to go for long time to learn Jyotish at Jaipur. There he became a student of famous Astronomer Pandit Shri Kaidar Nath ji head of the institution at the Jaipur Astronomical Observatory. There at the feet of his Guru, he quenched his thirst for knowledge in celestial sciences.

There after, he went to Ujjain for higher Studies of the original manuscript and text of Jyotish under the guidance of renowned national and International Jyotish Wizard Shri Gobind Sadashiv Aapte, the principal of Madhav Rav College and Head of Jivaji Observatory, Ujjain. At these institutions, Pandit ji specialized in the western methodology and telescopic cosmology. During his long sojourn at Jaipur and Ujjain, Pandit Ji delved deep in the ocean of Jyotish Science and fathomed the knowledge of Astronomy and Predictive Astrology.


Reverend Pandit Ji as a Raj Jyotishi

Pandit Mukund Vallabh Ji had a marvelous knowledge of Panchang-making. In turn, his grasp of the subject with regard to accurate interpretations highly impressed Rajguru Mahamahopadhyaya Pt. Mathura Parshad Ji Dikhshit who was in the Raj Darbar of Durga Singh Ji, King of erstwhile Baghat State, i.e. Solan. He further recommended to the king that Pandit Mukund Vallabh Ji may be honoured with the appointment as Raj Jyotishi of Solan State. Accordingly Royal order was issued.

In the meantime Impressed by Pandit Ji’s Reputation and his unfathomable knowledge; Maharaja Bhupindera Singh of Patiala State Invited Pandit Ji to be Raj Jyotishi of the Patiala State also. However, Pandit Ji had to decline very humbly the rare offer on account of certain principles. He could not afford to compromise his principles and leave Kurali to stay at Patiala forever. Though, Maharaja Patiala relaxed one of the conditions later on that he may stay at Patiala only for six months in a year. Yet Pandit Ji could not ignore the voice of his conscience. On being convinced of his convictions the Maharaja Patiala requested him to atleast nominate a worthy Raj Jyotishi for Patiala State. Accordingly Pandit Ji conducted an examination and selected Meritorious Pt. Devi Dutt Ji Shastri of Kalka to be the Raj Jyotishi of Patiala State.

Pt. Mukund Vallabh Ji had a strong hold on Astronomy as well as Astrology. His grasp on the permutations and combinations of Jyotish Science besides serious studies, long experience and pious way of life added to by extraordinary intuition resulted in astounding prophetic predictions. With the result, the reputation of Martand Jyotish Karyalaya, Kurali, spread far and wide. On account of which the people from all walks of life from the kings to the ordinary persons along with, representatives from various religious bodies and inquisitive students veered around him to sort out their difficulties and problems.

Pt. Mukund Vallabh Ji, had a charismatic personality with a gift of gab. He had the inbuilt blessings of Maa Saraswati to the effect that he was known for his ‘Vak-Sidhi’ meaning thereby that his spontaneous words would prove true. His observations and prophecies in respect of individual destiny and collective destiny like natural calamities as well as national events more often came true, so much so that his critics too had to bow to his Predictive acumen. By way of a small example, it may be mentioned that his observation with regard to earthquake of Quetta and dismissal of President Bulganin of Russia proved correct in terms of time and date which was published then in the Martand Panchang. On account of such strong observations, it was said that he was blessed with the power and capacity to look into the Future. Due to his impeccable accuracy and his wonderful predictions, the society would view him as a prophet who could foresee the future.

Pandit Ji had unparalleled capacity to work. It is on record that consecutively for 60 years up to his last breath in his 89th Year; he had not had the rest for a single day. Thousand of people used to visit him from all nook and corners in their acute difficulties to have remedial solutions for day to day problems.

Pandit Ji had a milk of human kindness in his heart. Therefore he had very humanistic approach and more often he would say’ “I am always concerned that how I can relieve my visitors of their problems so that they are trouble free to a larger extent. He would further say that it has become my spiritual concern to alleviate their troubles. It is worth mentioning in this context that neither he compromised with his principals and reputation nor did he sell or commercialize his knowledge.

In earlier times, the rarest of rare power to see through the Magical Crystal Ball had never been shared by the Master-Astrologers with their followers. Whereas Pandit Mukunand Vallabh Ji did not keep it as a secret. Rather he shared it profoundly with his devout followers and especially with all of his four sons namely Sarv Shri Satyavrat Sharma, Priyavrat Sharma, Shaktidhar Sharma and Indu Shekhar Sharma. But it is stranger than fiction that this intuitive blessing manifested and shown bright in the youngest son Shri Indu Shekhar Sharma.

Pandit Shri Mukund Vallabh Ji, was the pioneer in the North India to have started longitudinal-latitudinal times in context of Planets, Nakshatras & Eclipses etc with great accuracy which is considered as a land mark in making correct calculations in the Panchang. By this way, the credibility of Shri Martnad Panchang spread far and wide on account of which many a wise and enlightened Jyotish Acharayas came at the feet of Pandit Ji to acquire the ultimate knowledge of Jyotish Shastra.On the very critical and controversial issues, the enlightened and authentic observations made by Pandit Shri Mukund Vallabh Ji were duly accepted and endorsed by the world famous Jyotish Acharayas of Kashi(Varanasi).

The scholars of Varanasi, registered in certified category; the logistics and justifications made by Pt. Shri Mukundvallabh on all the controversial topics relating to the Almanac. He successfully proved the authenticity of several theories and principles on logic which had disappeared earlier. He impressed upon the other Astrologers of India in accepting them through his powerful writings debates and sermons.

The most memorable contribution of Pandit Mukund Vallabh Ji is through the authorship of many classic books like (1) Shadvarga Phalprakash (2) Authentic commentary over Sarvananda Laghava (3) Karmathguru (Book of Karamkanda in Sanskrit) (4)Arghamartanda (Hindi and Urdu) (5) Falit Martand (6) Rashyavidhan Kalapalata (Logic of Names) (7) Ududaya-Pradeepa. By this way Pandit Ji, enriched the Sanskrit language besides Astronomy, Astrology and karamkanda.

Reverend Pandit Shri Mukund Vallabh Ji by the God given glaring qualities of head and heart became an extraordinary shining star on the firmament of Jyotish Shastra. The noble souls like Pandit Mukund Vallabh ji are born on this earth but once in many centuries. It is for the succeeding generations to understand and encompass such a great genius as was Pandit Ji. A famous Urdu Poet Iqbal has written a beautiful couplet in this context that the real admirers of such like personalities are also rarely born.

Alama Mohd. Iqbal says,



In this context, the words of Shakespeare in ‘Julius Caesar’ can be a befitting tribute to Pandit Ji’s personality and his Par excellence contribution to the Astro-Science.

Shakespeare said,





The illustrious family of Raj Jyotishi Pandit Sh. Mukund Vallabh Ji

Shri Satyavrat Sharma

Shri Satyavrat Sharma an eldest son of Shri Mukund Vallabh Ji did his graduation Honours in Sanskrit (Shastri) with first class first position from the Panjab University, Solan now in Chandigarh. Then he did his post graduation in ‘Sahityacharya’ and topped the list of successful candidates at Maharaja Sanskrit College, Jaipur. He is an outstanding scholar of Sanskrit and Prakrit. From his early years, he showed keen interest in prose as well as in verse writing. His extempore compositions are epitome of his sublime talent. Many of his compositions in Sanskrit magazines and journals have highly been appreciated. He is matchless Scholar of poetics in Sanskrit.


Shri Priyavrat Sharma

The second son Shri Priyavrat Sharma received the degree in ‘shastri’ with first class and remarkable position from Panjab University, Solan. Thereafter, he cleared the examination of ‘Sahityacharya’ by securing first division and second position from Maharaja Sanskrit College, Jaipur. Further he studied Astronomy from Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi. Under the guidance of late Shri Achyutanand Jha, the Head of Astrology/Astronomy Department. His Professor in Literature was Pt. Shri Jagdeesh Sharma, who was Head of the Department at Maharaja Sanskrit College, Jaipur. He topped the list of successful candidates in Sidhant Jyotish Acharaya i.e. equivalent to MSc. Examination in theoretical Astronomy from Sampoornanand Sanskrit University Varanasi. Later on he did his M.A with First class first Position in Sanskrit from the Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Professor Sharma undertook serious study in Sanskrit-literature, Religious Scriptures and Principles of Predictive and Theoretical Astronomy that is manifested in his research papers appeared in Shri Martand Panchang. His solutions with regard to the Calculative, Predictive, Religious Scriptures related problems appeared in the chapter entitled ‘Problems and Solutions’ in the Almanac. It is worth mentioning that he took the responsibility of editing the Almanac since 1946.

He has written many books and still continuing his noble pursuit. Besides, he has written more than two fifty research papers on Astronomy, Predictive Astrology and Religious Scriptures. He has the credit for providing solutions to more than two fifty problems with regard to critical Astrological and Religious issues.

Shri Priyavrat Sharma has taken up different subjects of Astro-Science in his research papers and books. His approach is very much different from the rest of the traditional Astrological ideologies. He criticized several prevalent illogical ideologies of other Astrologers on the strength of reasoning and logic. Because of his contribution to counter the superstitious beliefs with rationale; he is known as the ‘Revolutionary Astronomer of India.’

Shri Sharma retired as a First Class Gazetted Officer (H.P.P.E.S.I.) in Education Department of Himachal Pradesh. After retiring in the year 1989 as a senior Lecturer from Government College, Solan, Himachal Pradesh; he is now preoccupied in his pursuit of thorough interpretation of principles of Predictive Astrology. Recognizing his talent in the field of Astrology, the former President of India Hon’ble Sh. Gyani Zail singh bestowed upon him the title of ‘Jyotish Samrat.

Shri Shaktidhar Sharma

Shri Shaktidhar Sharma is the third son in the learned hierarchy of Pandit Shri Mukund Vallabh Ji. He took the charge of Almanac as an editor in the year 1955. He graduated in ‘Shastri’ with first class first position from the Panjab University. He learnt Mathematics and Astronomy from Shri Achyutanand Jha and won the Gold Medal in Sidhant Jyotish Acharaya i.e. equivalent to MSc. Examination in theoretical Astronomy from Sampoornanand Sanskrit University Varanasi.

Later on he completed the post graduation in Physics by winning the Gold Medal from the Punjab University, Chandigarh. Then, he went to United States of America and completed his PhD. thesis in Nuclear Physics with 3 excellent grades from the Kansas University. While staying in USA, he wrote several computer programs for devising mathematical formulae relating to various subjects of Astrology and Astronomy. He solved most complex problems of Nuclear Physics. In United States, he made the foreign Astronomers conscious of the significance of Indian Astronomy. He gave lectures at Oklahoma University, on the invitation of the world renowned, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the founder of Transcendental Meditation. He gave several lectures on Indian Calculative Astronomy. The great Scholars like Dr J P Davidson and Dr. N W Storer were his great admirers. Dr. Storer used to say that if Jyotishacharyas are as brilliant as Dr. Sharma then the Kansas University can recognize Jyotishacharya as a Degree.

He returned to India in February, 1971 to pursue his teaching career as well as research work in the Nuclear Physics and Astronomy/Astrology at the Punjabi University, Patiala. He attained great heights in the field of Nuclear Physics. As a professor Emeritus he chaired various sessions in India and almost all the continents of the world. He appeared for MA in Sanskrit at Punjab University, Chandigarh. He set a new university record by attaining first class first position in the examination. His merit in this regard has not so far been excelled. He was awarded as special merit certificate by Hon’ble Giani Zail Singh the then Chief Minister of Punjab.

During the initial years of Computer era in India, he specialized and formulated computer programs for the Calendar. These programs were based upon accurate data and planetary configurations which are still relied upon and appreciated all over the world. Dr. Sharma has been a member of the Advisory Committee of Positional Astronomy centre Calcutta.

Dr. Sharma is a rare combination of science and fiction. He is an outstanding scientist as well as eminent scholar of Sanskrit. For his excellent contribution in both the subjects, he was honoured as a Unique Personality in the year 2000 by the Punjab as well as the Kurukshetra University. The Par Excellent honour of ‘Sanskrit Mitram’ was bestowed upon him in the year 2003 by Sh. Murli Manohar Joshi; the then Human Resource Development Minister of India. At present his primary concern is to get proper place and recognition to the Astro-Science.

Shri Indu Shekhar Sharma

Reverend Pandit Shri Mukund Vallabh’s youngest son shri Indu Shekhar ji by the grace of god started the editorship of shri Martand Panchang in the year 1965 under the benevolent guidance of his elders. Shekhar ji topped the examination of Shastri and then MA in Sanskrit with flying colours in the first Position from Panjab University Chandigarh. Thereafter, he obtained the Augustus degree of Jyotish Acharya with the first class first position from Shri Sampurnanand Sanskrit University Varanasi (UP).

Right from the beginning, he had an intuition and inclination towards Predictive Astrology. Which prompted him throughout along with his father to delve deep into the ‘Jatak Samhita’ and the text of Scholars and Acharyas. By the blessings of Maa Saraswati, his predictions have been proved to be irrevocable. Under the intellectual Umbrella of his father for almost 25 years. He has been attending and solving the complicated day to day problems of the people coming from the State, Country and Abroad. Notwithstanding, the absence of his Late father in person he is still making very accurate analysis of the horoscopes and problems therein along with solid solutions and remedies with the strength of his knowledge and his Father’s Blessings.

In view of his deep study and knowledge of the planetary position in the natal chart of any person; he is most solicited person for knowing and understanding the events of the past-present and future by millions of his admirers. Needless to say, that for day to day problems and difficulties on account of planetary position and transitions, the people from all walks of life from far and wide, throng to him for relief. It is a daily scene of seeing is believing, that his followers and admirers around the globe talk of his predictions and simple remedies thereon with the great sense of reverence and gratitude.

The Calculations and predictions given under the title ‘Aakaashya-Council’ and ‘Vyapaar Vimarsha’ in the Shri Martand Panchang with regard to mundane Astrology (natural calamities) as well as economic rise and fall, political and social upheavals is a proven fact. It is in the recognition of his great talent and intellect that the Jagat Guru Shri Shankracharaya Ji bestowed upon him the title of ‘Jyotirbhushan’.

It is also worth mentioning that on account of his critical and proven predictions; the World Famous Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji nominated him for the coveted award of Raj Jyotishi. But Shri Indu Shekhar ji had to respectfully decline it on account of the fact that he had to work in Holland or USA for at least six month in a year which was quite contrary to his devotion and dedication towards his ancestral creative tradition of Shri Martand Panchang and working of Jyotish Karyalya.

Shri Indu Shekhar Ji is blessed with a divine soul with a great intellect and scholarship in Sanskrit and Predictive Astrology. For some time he taught Sanskrit in Panjab University Chandigarh. He declined the offer to teach at Post Graduate Level because of his love and passion for Predictive science which brought him back to his present work and status.

Shri Indu Shekhar Ji has the transcendental capacity to see through the prismatic galaxy of Triskandha Jyotish. During his experiences with regard to cosmic science, he has been able to present a new thesis and dimensions to his followers. His observations have changed the traditional thinking to establish totally a revolutionary school of thought in the Astrological world. Through this school of thought, he has been able to help his beneficiaries by ameliorating their spirits to regain the lost paradise i.e. Peace of Mind.

In turn, Maa Bhagwati has blessed him not only at spiritual level but also at temporal level. He has the best of the family life for which a worldly being can aspire for. His elder son Dr. Ashutosh Sharma MD is presently working as Assistant Professor at Agroha Medical College Agroha, Hissar, and commands a very good respect in his field.


Sanyami Sharma

Son of Shri Indu Shekhar Sharma

Grandson of Shri Mukund Vallabh Ji


Like father like son Shri Sanyami Sharma is the younger son of Sh. Indu Shekhar Ji. Sh. Sanyami Sharma, in line with his illustrious ancestors, is a brilliant Astrologer in his own right. He did his Post Graduation in Sanskrit from Panjab University Chandigarh besides having completed the degree of Jyotish Acharaya and Dharam Shaster Acharaya in the first division from ‘Sampurnanand Sanskrit University’, Varanasi.In the foot steps of his father he developed interest in the Predictive Astrology and further studied Jatak Samhita and many texts under the enlightened guidance of his father, with the result he enabled himself to make very accurate and correct predictions.

As an Astrologer belonging to the younger generation Sh. Sanyami is quite an enlightened soul, who has a milk of human kindness in his heart. He prefers to counter the quackery of the quacks with logical and rational views and suggestions with regard to Predictive Astrology in general and compatibility in marriage chart of a boy and a girl in particular. Whereas the quacks commercialize and exploit the ASHTAKOOT i.e. GUN-MILAAN Methodology, there Sh. Sanyami believes in the fact that the compatibility on the basis of merit amongst the spouses is also to be examined in the light of Planetary Positions in the Natal Charts. Thus, where the illogical Astrologers make simple people unnecessarily apprehensive; Sh. Sanyami clears their doubts with compassion and a sense of belonging.

Shri Sanyami Ji, is known for his Predictive acumen amongst the people even in the foreign countries like America, Canada, England and Australia. He has been invited many a times at the foreign lands on account of his knowledge and specialization in the Predictive science. He has a specialization in online trading better known as Future Trading. He is the most sought after on line consultant in this regard.

Sh. Sanyami contributes exclusively in the Martand Panchang through a special chapter entitled ‘Vyapaar Vimarsha’. Which deals with ups and downs of the economy. Under the able guidance of shri Indu Shekhar Ji he is co-author of a special chapter of Marthand Panchang under the title ‘Aakaashya-Council’ which deals with political scenario in India as well as in the foreign countries.

It is a matter of great honour that in the recognition of his knowledge and wisdom in respect of Astrology; he has been singularly nominated as representative Astrologer of India by the Anglo Asian Friendship Society of England i.e. the largest multi-faith registered charity in Britain.